Witness the vengeance of a Bronson look-alike in Death Kiss teaser

Death Kiss Rene Perez Robert Bronzi Kovacs

I have been following the making of writer/director Rene Perez's vigilante film DEATH KISS with great interest, largely due to the fact that it stars Robert "Bronzi" Kovacs, a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to legendary DEATH WISH franchise star Charles Bronson.

In DEATH KISS, Kovacs plays 

a vigilante with a mysterious past who tries to rid a city of crime as he protects a young mother and her child.

His co-stars include Richard Tyson, Eva Hamilton, Leia Perez, Stormi Maya, and Daniel Baldwin.

Since I've been tracking the progress of DEATH KISS, I was very excited when I saw that a teaser trailer had been released online by Millman Productions and Mosquito Entertainment. When I watched this teaser, it did not disappoint. Doing exactly what a teaser is meant to do, it shows quick glimpses of the cast and of the main reason people will want to see it: imagery of Kovacs looking like a badass, knocking around bad guys and participating in action sequences. It ends on a moment that could have come straight out of the original DEATH WISH, with this Bronson look-alike standing in the middle of a city, facing off with criminals and pulling a gun from his trenchcoat.

I'm ready to watch Kovacs star in a whole series of Bronson-esque projects like this. I haven't seen the Eli Roth / Bruce Willis DEATH WISH remake, and I'm in no hurry to. When DEATH KISS becomes available for viewing, there will be no delay. I'll be watching this one right away.

DEATH KISS was produced by Jeff Miller. Gary Jones served as executive producer with Miller. Zach Carter is the supervising producer, Sabrina Morgan the associate producer, and Reese Austyn the line producer. The movie will start making the rounds to sales agents and distributors this month.

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