Would You Rather gets downloadable commentary

Commentary junkies are going to be happy to know that you can now download the commentary for WOULD YOU RATHER and listen to it as you watch the film!

Ever wonder what was going on in the filmmaker's heads when they created the heart-stopping horror thriller WOULD YOU RATHER? Now you can find out! Director David Guy Levy and Writer Steffen Schlachtenhaufen sit down and watch their film, out loud.

In the wake of her parent's death, Iris struggles to make ends meet while caring for her terminally ill younger brother. Shepard Lambrick, a seemingly philanthropic aristocrat, expresses an interest in helping them. When he invites her to an exclusive dinner party, she accepts. Also attending the dinner party are seven more desperate individuals. They soon find themselves trapped in Lambrick's mansion and forced to play a sadistic game of Would You Rather, where the winner will be awarded untold amounts of money. As the game progresses, the dilemmas Iris and the other players face grow increasingly deadly.

Check out and download the audio commentary on Soundcloud and get some insider insight as you watch the film starring Brittany Snow, Jeffrey Combs and Sasha Grey… for a second time. You can check out the flick right now on on SundanceNow, Cable VOD, and other digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, XBOX Zune, Google PLAY and YouTube).

Extra Tidbit: Do you like the idea of being able to d/l commentaries for VOD films?
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