Zombie fans listen up! The Zombieland TV series is going to be released via Amazon.com

That's right folks, Amazon.com has risen like a phoenix and is going to bring you the long awaited ZOMBIELAND TV series once and for all, after we heard about the casting sheets a couple of days ago.

The Zombieland show is going to be the most ambitious project Amazon has ever done. They're trying to make original content to compete with offerings like Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove, a Netflix original series, now that its release date (April 19th) is not that far.

Each episode will have a running time of 30 minutes. The story will focus on the group of survivors me met in the feature (played in the film by Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg and Emma Stone) and it will introduce new characters along the way.

No word on casting yet, but one thing's for sure, it'll be tough to find a replacement for Mr. Woody Harrelson!

Extra Tidbit: I'll chop my left leg off to see Emma Stone reprise her role as Wichita. I guess I'm daydreaming!
Source: io9



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