Take a walk down Hemlock Grove in the first look trailer for the Eli Roth/Netflix series

At long last friends, feel free to amble down Eli Roth's original Netflix series "Hemlock Grove" in the first-look trailer below!

To be honest, it appears far too soft for a Roth horror joint, in fact EW has likened the sucker to "Vampire Diaries." Not the comparison you want, that's for sure, but what can you do? It seems Roth is more comfortable as a conceiver and producer these days, perhaps forgetting how to achieve what made him popular in the first place. GREEN INFERNO will prove or dispel that assertion, but until then, it's "Hemlock Grove" baby. Besides, the series stars Famke Janssen (below), you know it'll be easy to look at if nothing else!

Also featuring Dougray Scott, Eliana Jones, Emilia McCarthy, Aaron Douglas and Marty Adams - "Hemlock Grove" centers on the titular community built around a steel mill. After a young girl is murdered, two of the chief suspects pool their resources to try and find the real killer.

All 13 episodes of the series will be available for viewing on Netflix come April 19th.

Extra Tidbit: Be honest, is this the Eli Roth you want to see?
Source: Netflix



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