Jeremy Renner remembers RDJ’s friendship during hospital stay

Jeremy Renner said he and fellow Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. felt like they were “dating” when the former was in the ICU.

Last Updated on March 19, 2024

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Following his New Year’s Day accident last year which left him with broken bones and blunt chest trauma, we weren’t sure just what Jeremy Renner’s condition would be. But we were constantly pulling for him, as we’re his MCU co-stars. Now, as Renner continues getting back to 100%, he has singled out yet another one of his fellow Avengers: Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking with People, Renner said that RDJ was among the Avengers who lent his support throughout his stay in the ICU, joking, “We ended up having really great chats on FaceTime, like we were dating or something.” One piece of advice that Downey Jr. gave Renner was, “‘Dude, the most important thing is you look good. I don’t care how you feel, as long as you look good that’s all that matters.’” Well, Renner is in the entertainment industry. But some of this might have been just a little selfish on the Oppenheimer Oscar winner’s part, as he wanted Renner to get moving on another season of Mayor of Kingstown. As he has been confirming since his accident, Renner is determined to make pretty much anything happen, including a third season of the Paramount+ series.

With such support as his Avengers co-stars have given him, Jeremy Renner is always willing to give it back, too, even going so far as to say he would assemble the team for another superhero outing. But it may just be too late for another Avengers movie and the core reasonings — for Renner to show his loyalty and for the studio to put on a better face — may not necessarily result in a good product.

Regardless of whether or not Jeremy Renner ever suits up as Hawkeye again or if the Avengers even reunite for cameos down the line, stories like these show how much he is loved and how grateful he is to keep in contact with his co-stars. So often relationships are either be limited to the set or fall apart when the promotional circuit is over, but for the Avengers, there are bonds that run much deeper.

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Source: People

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