Jeremy Renner would do more Marvel movies with the Avengers

Jeremy Renner said he would return for more Marvel movies if he was given the chance, citing his closeness with the cast.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

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Can Hawkeye get the Avengers to assemble again? Jeremy Renner – who first entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2011 – would absolutely get the superheroes back together if the opportunity came up. But it’s just not because he loves making the movies; it’s because of his co-stars’ loyalty.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Jeremy Renner said you don’t have to expect his Marvel days to be over. “I’m always game. I’m gonna be strong enough, that’s for sure. I’ll be ready. All those guys come to my bedside and they’ve been with me all along through this recovery, so…if they want me, they could have me. It would be something.” A number of Renner’s Marvel co-stars showed their unrelenting support in the aftermath, with the likes of Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson and Anthony Mackie visiting him in the hospital after his January 1st, 2023 accident which left him with 30 broken bones and blunt chest trauma.

Jeremy Renner’s recovery has been well-documented, with the actor showing the sort of resilience, determination and willpower that fits the mold of Marvel heroes. At this point, Renner says he is doing  90% of what he should be, adding he is focused on constant rehabilitation, “It’s a one-way street, this recovery. The rest of my life is about health and wellness. Recovery will be part of the rest of my life, so I look forward to it, man. There’s always something to do to get better, be stronger, be happier, be healthier, and that’s what I look forward to.”

While Renner is on board to rejoin the Avengers for more Marvel outings – and there were some rumblings of bringing them back following the Jonathan Majors fallout – fellow co-stars have either expressed skepticism (Johannson) or have been left in the dark (Evans). And then there’s Robert Downey Jr., who Kevin Feige says won’t be returning as Tony Stark. But perhaps if Hawkeye steps up, it might push them in the desired direction?

Would you want Jeremy Renner to get the Avengers back together for another Marvel outing? Or should he concentrate on other projects? Give us your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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