Joe Bob’s Heartbreak Trailer Park special coming to Shudder in February

Shudder has announced that a new Joe Bob Briggs special is coming to the streaming service next month! A press release reveals that a special called Joe Bob’s Heartbreak Trailer Park will premiere on Friday, February 11th. Details are scarce, but here’s the information that Shudder was willing to share:

Love (and a tinge of horror) is in the air for The Last Drive-In’s new special! Joe Bob Briggs will be joined by special guests for a double feature of two unique films that explore the heartbreaking side of Valentine’s Day

Joe Bob took to his Twitter account to let his followers know that Joe Bob’s Heartbreak Trailer Park has

FOUR — count em, FOUR — special guests who are experts on the dark side of love, along with two movies about deranged passion. We’re tearing the heart out of Valentine’s Day!

The titles of movies shown on these specials usually aren’t announced until Joe Bob does it himself on the show, so we’ll have to spend the next few weeks speculating and guessing. One popular suggestion among fans is a double feature of the 1981 slasher classic My Bloody Valentine and its 2009 remake… but Joe Bob’s choices aren’t often so obvious.

The announcement of Joe Bob’s Heartbreak Trailer Park is exciting not just because it’s always exciting to hear we’re going to get to watch more Joe Bob, but also because this brings us one step closer to another season of the weekly The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs series. Darcy the Mail Girl said we could expect to see five Joe Bob Briggs specials released through the Shudder streaming service between the third and fourth seasons of The Last Drive-In, and this one will be the fourth. The three previous specials were Joe Bob’s Halloween HoedownThe Last Drive-In: The Walking Dead, and Joe Bob Ruins Christmas.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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