Lucasfilm suing Chilean car wash over Star Wars theme

Lucasfilm is seeking legal action against a small Chilean car wash for using Star Wars likenesses and fonts in their business.

Last Updated on January 12, 2024


May the force – and deluxe hubcap shine – be with you…until Lucasfilm sues you, that is. A Chilean car wash called “Star Wash” is facing legal action from Lucasfilm, who allege that people will be directly linking the shop to the Star Wars franchise. But the owner of said car wash isn’t just going to let this one rinse over.

The owner of “Star Wash” has suggested there are no direct references to the Star Wars franchise, even though they have utilized the franchise’s iconic font and even character likenesses, recently hiring a Pedro Pascal lookalike (who could hopefully see out of his helmet) to help promote the fight against their “fight against the empire.” But Lucasfilm fully tried to stop “Star Wash” when the small company attempted to register the brand’s name.

In an Instagram post from December, Star Wash wrote (courtesy of Google Translate), “In a galaxy rife with conflict, a legal battle of epic proportions emerges. At the epicenter of this war, “Star Wash,” a modest family business, finds itself caught in a confrontation with the imposing Lucasfilm Empire…The lawsuit sparks confrontation, alleging that the name “Star Wash” infringes upon the domains of the legendary “Star Wars” brand, triggering concerns that it could sow confusion and take undue advantage of renowned galactic fame.”

We all know that Lucasfilm is protective of the Star Wars franchise (it’s why even big names like Mel Brooks once lived in fear of being sued), but one could argue the studio should put it all into perspective. This is a small business owner having some fun with his profession, making his car wash far more special than, say, every other car wash in the world. The owner, Matias Jara, has noted that the lawsuit is forcing him and his company to shell out far more money than they could have ever expected. Is it really worth it for them to squash Jara, his business and his family? This is undoubtedly a dark mark on Lucasfilms’ reputation, as they clearly have far less to lose in this case than Jara and his employees.

Has Lucasfilm gone too far with this lawsuit or do you feel they have a legitimate case? Chime in with your take in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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