2 new character posters hit for Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond banner

Justin Lin (of FAST AND FURIOUS fame) steps up to helm STAR TREK BEYOND, the new film featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew who must contend with a mysterious new enemy utilizing their wits...and a motorcycle. The latest trailer for BEYOND was less FAST AND FURIOUS and more TREK, which bodes well for fans, and now we have a couple of new character posters featuring Sofia Boutella's Jaylah as well as Karl Urban's Bones! Check 'em out!

Star Trek Beyond Sofia Boutella Jaylah Karl Urban Bones Star Trek Beyond poster

There's no denying that J.J. Abrams breathed new life into the TREK franchise, but I don't think Paramount as quite hit the mark they're aiming for just yet. INTO DARKNESS was a BIG misstep, in my opinion, so I'm happy to see that Simon Pegg and crew and looking to craft something new with the license. We know Justin Lin can bring the action, so here's hoping he also has a compelling story to work with!

STAR TREK BEYOND opens in theaters on July 22, 2016.



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