$40,000 Man?

You've heard of the Six Million Dollar Man, I presume. But what would happen if budget cuts forced the six million dollars to be reduced rather drastically. Surely hilarity. Hence New Line's recent pickup of the comedy script THE $40,000 MAN. The film is very similar to "The Six Million Dollar Man" but instead finds a national hero reassembled under a budget of $40,000. The film reminds me somewhat of Jim Carrey's failed attempts to get a "Six Million Dollar Man" movie off the ground. That film would've follows a similar storyline fo not having enough money to finish the job. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein ("Freaks and Geeks") wrote the script and are no doubt toasting their sale this morning. Of course, if you want to see a funny version of an astronaut getting amusing super abilities, you can check out "Heat Vision and Jack, Ben Stiller's failed comedy pilot starring Jack Black and the voice of Owen Wilson.

Extra Tidbit: NBC is remaking another "rebuilt person" TV show - "The Bionic Woman" - which will premiere this fall.
Source: Variety



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