A dark universe is teased in final Mummy trailer

Anyone following the news around THE MUMMY knows this will be the start of a shared movie universe involving Universal’s slate of monster characters, like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. For a while the movie’s marketing has focused mostly on the pure adventure angle, but with a few weeks until release they're really gonna be kicking the “universe” angle into high gear, starting with the final trailer below, in which we see Tom Cruise becoming something else entirely to vanquish the evil mummy (Sofia Boutella).

The mystery as to what Cruise ends up becoming will probably remain a mystery until the movie’s opening night, which in my head is sort of thrilling considering that, given the catalog of characters at their disposal, could be anything. This trailer leads me to believe him becoming a classic monster is certainly a strong possibility, as Cruise appears to have greater strength, speed and durability to take an ass-whipping. Overall the movie is looking more and more entertaining with each trailer, and I hope whatever Universal is trying to get going from this is given a cohesive, thrilling start. That, or it will be another DRACULA UNTOLD.

THE MUMMY arrives June 9.

Source: Universal



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