A first look at Russell Crowe in his Jor-El costume for Man of Steel

I have to say, I'm having the same feeling look at spy shots from MAN OF STEEL that I did with CAPTAIN AMERICA in that I'm really digging the visual design aesthetic.

I liked Supes' new costume, and now with these first shots of Russell Crowe in Jor-El gear, I dig his wardrobe as well. There's something almost medieval about the outfit, but sci-fi enough where you can tell he's from space. The blue on his arms is reminiscent of Superman's threads, and of course, he has a variant of the classic "S" as well.

These come from ComicBookMovie via The Irish Mirror, and it's the best quality available at the moment, which is pretty damn good for spy shots if you ask me. Hopefully they'll release some more official images from the film soon to build on the already positive buzz that comes with each new revelation. From what I've seen and heard, I'm looking forward to this far more than I ever was for SUPERMAN RETURNS.

Extra Tidbit: I'm still wondering if Amy Adams is going to dye her hair to be Lois Lane or not. Shouldn't she be on set by now?



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