A movie about the making of The Godfather is coming to HBO

Ah, THE GODFATHER, the movie we?ve all seen and love, or lie and say we?ve seen and love so we don?t look like assholes. Easily one of the greatest cinematic achievements ever not everyone knows the lengths to which director Francis Ford Coppola went to get the thing made. This gap in knowledge will soon be remedied though, as a movie is being made about the making of the classic mob masterpiece.

Variety got the goods that HBO is developing a movie called FRANCIS & THE GODFATHER, which will follow the early stages of the film?s beginning and production, including the casting of up-and-comer Al Pacino and screen vet Marlon Brando. The movie will be working from a script from Andrew Farotte

Peter Bart, who worked closely with Coppola and executive producer Robert Evans will consult on the film, which went on to be one of the biggest movies of the 70?s, going on to make $245 million globally on a $6 million budget and win three Oscars for best picture, best actor (Brando) and best adapted screenplay.

Seeing the history of this movie played out as a feature film will be an interesting take on the history of its production, instead of someone just doing a retrospective documentary. Even after all of these years it still stands as one of the greats, and its sequel, THE GODFATHER PART II, is considered by many to be even better. Now I?m just wondering who they will cast to play Brando and a young Pacino.

Source: Variety



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