A new Beauty and the Beast behind-the-scenes video reveals more movie magic

Up until today, I haven't watched any trailers or investigated any footage concerning Disney's live-action adaptation of their animated classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It's nothing personal, I just haven't had the compulsion, you know? Anyway, my attitude toward the film has changed dramatically, this afternoon, after watching this new behind-the-scenes video that details much of what we can expect from this polished presentation of Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve's iconic fairy tale.

In the video, Emma Watson, who plays Belle in the film, and director Bill Condon offer us a look at the spectacle and special effects planned for this ambitious live-action presentation. In the video, we hear Watson talk about bringing a broader range of emotions to the Belle character. From there, we also get a better look at the human versions of Beast's court of living objects. It's pretty cool, as we get to see actors the likes of Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Audra McDonald, Emma Thompson, Guru Mbatha-Raw, and Stanley Tucci all speaking very enthusiastically about their involvement in the project.

You can see all of this for yourself by watching the video below:

Honestly, I'm kind of excited for this movie, now. The visual effects look positively stunning and the casting roster is super on-point. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is by far one of my favorite Disney animated classics, and I'll be very curious to see how this live-action adaptation sets itself apart from the animated original, or, at least how it helps me to appreciate the magic of the tale, once again.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST opens in theaters everywhere on March 17, 2017

Extra Tidbit: I still sing the Critic's parody version of "Beauty and the Beast", "Beauty and King Dork" to myself every now and again. We've got to preserve the classics, you know?
Source: EW



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