A teaser trailer for Jason Reitman's Ghostbusters escapes containment

Just when you thought it was going to be a typical Wednesday, on comes the earthquakes and volcanoes, as the dead begin rising from their graves. It won't be long until there's human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria! Why? Perhaps it's because after Jason Reitman revealed that he's working on a secret GHOSTBUSTERS film, late last night, we already have our first teaser trailer for the Summer 2020 paranormal project.

As the trailer begins, we find ourselves creeping up on a ramshackle storage shed, presumably located on an out-of-the-way farmland. As we near the doorway to the structure, we hear the familiar sound of a Proton Pack firing up. After the sparks of an all-too-familiar lightshow appear, a gust of wind blows the tarp off of a vehicle parked inside the shed to reveal the ECTO-1! Suddenly, the late Elmer Bernstein's score from the library scene in the original 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS film roars to life, sending shivers down the spines of those who recall the lonely woman watching over the institution's crowded stacks.

Aaagghhh! There are so many questions that need to be answered! Where are Stantz, Spengler, Zeddemore, and Venkman? Who's the owner of this property? Why is there ectoplasm hanging off a nearby fence? Are the forces of darkness on the rise? Has Zull come back for another round against the Ghostbusters? Is Viggo hungry for more babies?

Perhaps now that Reitman's secret GHOSTBUSTERS project - that's thankfully not much of a secret anymore - is out in the wild, we can expect the answers to some of these questions sooner rather than later.

For more details on this project, be sure to check out our Paul Shirey's report on last night's big reveal!

Jason Reiman's GHOSTBUSTERS film will begin haunting theaters come Summer 2020.



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