ABC's Karey Burke says this year's hostless Oscars will be "compelling"

If you're of the mind that this year's hostless Oscars ceremony is going to be boring, have no fear, because ABC President Karey Burke is here to put you at ease. On Tuesday, Burke appeared in front of a mote of reporters to declare that losing Kevin Hart as host of the annual event has kept the star-studded evening "in the conversation."

“It’s really compelling. People really care,” Burke proclaimed during the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, California. “I was actually at the nominee luncheon Tuesday. It was a very exciting room to be in. The list of presenters is phenomenal and growing. In no time in history have three movies that have each grossed over $200 million have been nominated. There is going to be a big turnout for this. There are big popular movies being nominated.”

After doing her best to reassure the press that we should all still be looking forward to the ceremony, Burke reminded the soundbite-hungry gathering that all of the nominated songs will be performed as a part of the big show. She then stated that "beyond the messiness" of Hart's departure from the program, that the academy plans to  “stay the course." Burke then added, "There was an idea to just have presenters do the Oscars. We all got on board with that quickly. The main goal that the academy promised ABC last year was to keep the show to three hours. Producers decided to not have a host and to go back to having presenters being stars. That’s the best way to keep the show to a brisk three hours.”

While I personally agree that a tight, 3-hour show is a solid idea, I'm not entirely convinced that the "conversation" around this year's Oscars has been positive since Hart was made to bow out as host of the event. However, I do like the idea of presenters playing a bigger role in the overall, particularly if those participating can deliver concise and enthusiastic presentations for their respective categories.

Do you think this year's Oscars will be "compelling?" Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Oscars will air LIVE on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. 5 p.m. PT.




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