Act of Valor featurette featuring live ammo is dangerously cool

ACT OF VALOR is one of those films that seems to be sneaking up on people, much like the SEAL team operators featured in the film going in for a silent kill. When I first heard of ACT OF VALOR it sounded almost gimmicky, using real-life Navy SEALS to portray their counterparts on film. SEAL team operators are outstanding at what they do, but acting? I just wasn't sure.

However, with the release of the first two trailers, the second of which rocks the house (along with some cleverly fitting Snow Patrol music), I am convinced that this is going to be a hell of a movie. Check out the featurette below, which highlights the film's use of live ammunition through much of the film, yielding some awesome results.

Pretty sweet, yeah? So, I have to confess my bias here, as I am a combat veteran (although was NOT a SEAL) and am pleased as punch to see a film that is going out of its way to be as authentic as possible in portraying some of America's most elite warriors. Too often in film are the military characters and details botched, leaving a very ugly stain on the reality of what the military does, how they do it, and, for film's sake, how they look while doing it.

Ask any active duty military member or combat veteran about some of the military-themed films out there and you'll typically get an eye roll and some enlightening swear words pertaining to the film's "accuracy" (BASIC and THE HURT LOCKER are the worst offenders).

With Navy SEALS being at the height of popularity these days, what with dispensing of a certain well-known terrorist, the curiosity about who they are and what they do is at it's peak.

ACT OF VALOR will probably be seen by many as a "recruitment film" (of which the idea first began), but the metamorphosis of the process to make it, which took two years to complete, looks to be something very different.

With all the heavy-handed CGI and over-the-top action we've seen of late, I'm stoked, not only as a veteran, but as a movie geek, to see some non-CGI, practical effects action. And live ammo to boot!

Check out the below "Making Of" to get some more insight into the film and check out ACT OF VALOR in theaters on February 24th, 2012.

Oh, yeah, the movie also has Roselyn Sanchez in it, which doesn't suck.

Extra Tidbit: None of the real-life Navy SEALS will be named in the credits of the film for obvious reasons, as they are still active duty and likely conducting operations as you read this.



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