Adam Sandler & Chris Rock have an awkward trip in The Week Of trailer

Adam Sandler has been spending his run of Netflix movies playing over-the-top characters in whacky scenarios (see RIDICULOUS SIX or SANDY WEXLER. Or don't see them). These projects have not earned him critical acclaim or new fans, but the new trailer for THE WEEK OF teases a movie that could change that. In the movie, Sandler and Chris Rock play fathers whose children are being married and must now spend the most awkward weekend ever together. The first part of the trailer has a documentary feel to it, with Sandler and Rock having room to be their natural, funny selves. Catch the preview above, and pray you’re never driving through the desert with Sandler.

Here is the synopsis:

The comedy tells the story of two fathers who are polar opposites (Adam Sandler and Chris Rock) and the dysfunctional hilarity that ensues when their families come together to celebrate the wedding of their children. They are forced to spend the longest week of their lives together and the big day could not come soon enough.  

As hinted in the above paragraph, I like guys like Sandler and Rock better when they aren’t playing silly characters or thrusting themselves into ludicrous, random scenarios. They’re funny enough being themselves, and hopefully, THE WEEK OF gives them plenty of room to play off each other. Did I mention the movie has Steve Buscemi as well? That's an important detail to remember.

THE WEEK OF arrives April 27.

Source: Netflix



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