Adam Sandler to lead Uncut Gems from Good Time directors

Adam Sandler may still be interested in doing comedies doomed to make the critical shit list, but he seems more ready now than ever before to step into serious roles. As evidence, he’s just signed on for a hot new flick from two of the most-talked filmmakers in the indie world – Josh and Benny Safdie.

Deadline got the scoop that Sandler will star in the upcoming movie UNCUT GEMS from the Safdie Brothers, who co-wrote the movie with Ronald Bronstein and will direct for A24. The directors came into the spotlight last year with the critically-acclaimed movie GOOD TIME, which starred Robert Pattinson in the most lauded performance of his career.

Not much else is known about the movie other than Sandler will star in the leading role and that the movie takes place in New York’s diamond district. Eli Bush and Scott Rudin are producing along with Sebastian Bear-McClard & Oscar Boyson, with Martin Scorsese executive producing. 

We all know that when given the right material Adam Sandler is a rather terrific actor capable of balancing humor, tender emotion, rage, and insecurity. Sadly, he doesn’t do these types of roles very often, opting to do whatever allows him to take a paid vacation with all of his comedy pals. But he’s proven his range with movies like PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, SPANGLISH, FUNNY PEOPLE, and most recently, THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES, which earned him wide acclaim last year out of Cannes. If UNCUT GEMS is anything like GOOD TIME it will push Sandler to be at his absolute best, which will no doubt result in stunning work. Yeah, I said the dude from THE RIDICULOUS SIX is capable of stunning work. Don’t @ me. 

Sandler can next be seen in the comedy THE WEEK OF with Chris Rock on April 27 via Netflix. 

Source: Deadline



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