A&E to remake vampire film Let The Right One In as a television series

When a movie makes a splash internationally, it often gets the remake treatment by Hollywood. In 2010, Matt Reeves helmed the remake of Tomas Alfredson's LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. While LET ME IN was a well-made film, it didn't offer anything unique to truly set it apart from the original film. But, despite the original novel being mined as two quality features, cable network A&E is still venturing forward with another remake, this time as a television series.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the small screen take on LET THE RIGHT ONE IN will come courtesy of TEEN WOLF showrunner Jeff Davis and screenwriter/actor Brandon Boyce. Boyce has previously written the screenplays for Bryan Singer's APT PUPIL and the thriller WICKER PARK. It also marks A&E's third original series based on a previous film/property after the PSYCHO reboot/prequel BATES MOTEL and the recently premiered remake of the French series THE RETURNED.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN remains one of the better horror/vampire films released in the last fifteen years. While I am not a fan of the current trend of movies being remade as series, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN does end in a way that you could easily continue the story. My biggest concern would be with the tone as there is not a lot of room for humor in the dark and dour setting of either film version of the story. TEEN WOLF has taken the comedy out of the Michael J. Fox film and become a TWILIGHT-esque series on MTV. Hopefully they don't ruin this great story.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN has no premiere date, but expect it no earlier than late this year or early 2016.



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