Aftermath clips shows Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his acting muscles

It's been cool seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger take more dramatic turns as he's gotten older, rather than trying to relive the glory days of his youth. While that shift seems inevitable, Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson, and Sly Stallone (who is a year older than Schwarzenegger) are still doing action/thrillers, so it wasn't out of the question for him to do the same. And I'm not saying Arnold is down for the count or anything, just that he was never known for his acting chops before this.

Anyway, here are a couple clips from his most recent film, AFTERMATH about a grieving father (Schwarzenegger) seeking retribution against (whom he perceives) was a careless air-traffic controller (Scoot McNairy) responsible for the plane crash that killed his family. Let's take a look:

Honestly not much meat to either of the clips (they both seem to end right before they climax), but I have to admit that I believed Arnold's grief in the second clip when he confronts Scoot McNairy's unfortunate air-traffic controller. I'm still on the fence on this particular film, but it does make me excited for whatever Arnold has cooking up next. So that's definitely something.

Either way, AFTERMATH is currently out now.

Extra Tidbit: I thought Arnold did some good acting (for an admittedly bad movie) during some key scenes in END OF DAYS.
Source: YouTube



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