Al Pacino exits Despicable Me 2 and Benjamin Bratt enters as the villain

This is a bit of a surprise.

Al Pacino, who has been set to voice the villain Eduardo in DESPICABLE ME 2 for some time now is suddenly exiting the project. What's not so good about this? The film is set to release on July 3rd.

But, all is well. Benjamin Bratt has already replaced Pacino. So what was once thought as a bad deal turned out to be a quick mend. Why the exit from Pacino though? Creative differences. Really? What creative differences could they possibly have? Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment issued this statement on the departure:

“ver the production of Despicable Me 2, there were creative differences between us and Al Pacino, who had been cast as the voice of Eduardo in the film. We have mutually decided with Al to replace the voice of Eduardo with a new actor. Universal and Illumination thank Al for his many contributions to the process and look forward to a new actor bringing this memorable character to the screen upon its release this summer.

Bratt voices Manny in the CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS series. A character that doesn't say much at all in the first film but makes a great impression. While I love Pacino, I'm perfectly cool with Bratt taking his place.

Source: Deadline



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