Cool Videos: Weird Al’s spoof of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” is Tacky

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

To help promote his new album Mandatory Fun, Weird Al Yankovich has produced eight music videos for the album, and he will be releasing them one a day for the next eight days. The first one landed online yesterday, and it's a hilarious parody of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" from DESPICABLE ME 2 called "Tacky."

Weird Al goes off on all things tacky in the video, including people who Instagram all their meals and live-tweet at funerals. The song is quite amusing (as well as catchy) and the video also features a few guest appearances from comedians like Jack Black, Kristen Schaal and Margaret Cho. I've always been a huge Weird Al fan, and I can't wait to check out the rest of the videos for Mandatory Fun. If you like "Tacky," head on over to Amazon to purchase the full album.

If you think that's just fine, then you're probably tacky too!

Source: Nerdist

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