Alexandre Aja set to direct adaptation of Joe Hill's Horns

Alexandre Aja deftly combined horror and comedy with his last film PIRANHA 3D and is now set to mine similar ground with an adaptation of Joe Hill's HORNS.

The book, written by Stephen King's son using a pseudonym, follows a 26-year-old guy who wakes up one morning with a killer hangover...and two horns jutting out from his temples. Instead of people staring at him in disbelief, the horns seem to hypnotize people into telling him their darkest secrets. The man uses his newfound assets to help solve the murder of an ex-girlfriend.

Earlier this year it was announced that Shia LaBeouf was attached to star in the film, but it's unclear whether LaBeouf is still involved with the production.

Aja is looking to begin filming on the project in the spring of next year before he begins work on COBRA, THE SPACE PIRATE. (Yes, that's a real movie.)

HORNS is one of many Hill projects in the works in Hollywood. "Locke & Key," a TV series based on a comic series Hill created, was developed at Fox but the network declined to pick up the pilot. Neil Jordan is also developing an adaptation of Hill's other novel "Heart Shaped Box" for Warner Bros.

Source: THR



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