All four Super 8 clips edited together to form one long scene

All this week Paramount has been releasing little clips from SUPER 8 based around the infamous train crash scene. All four clips are online in our video section but I thought I'd take each one, edit out the SUPER 8 logo stuff and any redundancies and run it as one long video so you get a better sense of this scene.

Keep in mind now that this isn't really a clip in the truest sense of the word. This is a 10-minute scene (give or take) that's been edited down by Paramount to this video which is just shy of two minutes. But you get the basic gist of what's happening here and our first clear look at the white cubes, something I've been wanting to talk about since I saw that 20 minutes or so of the film. These play a pretty important role in the film, we're just not sure what yet.

Take a look below at the extended clip sequence and see what you think...

Source: JoBlo.com



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