An Aladdin prequel is the next on Disney's live-action adaptation agenda

It's almost comical at this point just how quickly Disney is getting these live-action adaptations off the ground. There are so many in various stages of development that it would be easier to list which of their animated classics aren't getting the live-action treatment. Per THR, ALADDIN will be the next film on Disney's live-action chopping block but, as with most things, there's a twist.

Instead of functioning as a straight-up remake, the film will instead take the prequel route and focus on how Aladdin's famous Genie, so perfectly voiced by Robin Williams in ALADDIN, ended up enslaved in that magic lamp to begin with. The prequel, which is going by the title GENIES, is still in the early stages of development but a script is currently underway with Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (FREDDY VS JASON) taking on writing duties.

I've never been the biggest fan of this new live-action fairy tale trend which seems to be taking over Hollywood, but I suppose that a film which delves into the realm of the Genies isn't something I've seen before. Do I want to though? Hell if I know. Take your pills and settle down Kevin.

Are there any Disney films yet to get the live-action treatment that you'd actually want to see?

Source: THR



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