An Average movie

I would like to think of myself as the average American male, except for the fact that I'm Canadian and below average. But I'm still intrigued by a project just optioned by Fox Atomic, which as an adaptation of the novel THE AVERAGE AMERICAN MALE, by Chad Kultgen, who will also write the screenplay.

This book caused a small YouTube sensation with three short adverts made by the publisher that show you what the average American male is really thinking. With over one million views they significantly helped push sales. Who knew that internet marketing actually worked? You can check one out BELOW and the other two HERE and HERE. The Hollywood Reporter describes the story like this:

"Average's" unnamed narrator is a man in his late 20s who hangs out with his friends and girlfriend, plays video games and holds an insignificant job. He reveals to readers his racy thoughts on his girlfriend, watching porn, his disgust with people in general and that he should either live life alone or bite the marriage bullet.

Betty Thomas, who made JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, is on board to produce and is looking to direct. Who would you cast to play the AAM? Seth Rogen? Paul Rudd? Larry the Cable Guy? Can I play him, Betty?

Extra Tidbit: Who do you guys think can play the average American male?



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