An Oscar for Rockwell!

   Give Sam an Oscar

Even if you haven't seen Duncan Jones' highly praised MOON (yet...I know you will eventually) everybody and their sister agree on the fact that Sam Rockwell can really bring it. But will Sony bring the Academy Awards to him? The film wasn't a huge blockbuster, wasn't about the Holocaust, and Rockwell spells differently than Daniel Day Lewis, so who's gonna push for him to at least be nominatedSam is Golden?

Director Jones has taken upon himself to campaign any which possible way for distributors Sony to have the actor in mind come Award-Seeking Season, and to make sure Academy voters give him due consideration.

"I'm gonna be grateful to him for the rest of my life for agreeing to be in my film," Jones said in interview with LAGenX Radio, "so anything I can do to get him the attention and respect he deserves for what he did!"

Major movie sites (and now us) have already joined the march in pointing out that Rockwell is scary-good in that movie (or any) and invite fans to either TP the house of anyone who says otherwise OR to sign a petition which will hopefully present Sony with 1 Million names asking them to push for Sam come Golden time.

The movement can be followed on Jones' Twitter or by signing the petition OVER HERE. Just to seal the deal, here's Jones' complete interview with LAGenXRadio on the subject, right down there. Thanks to the Collider bunch for the heads-up, and Good Luck Sammy boy!

Extra Tidbit: He made CHARLIE'S ANGELS tolerable. Just for THAT he deserves an Oscar.
Source: Collider



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