Animation news double feature - Ellen DeGeneres in talks for Finding Nemo 2 and Despicable Me's Minions get a release date for their spinoff movie

Finding Nemo Dory Marlin

Two quick bits of news for you on the animation front today, good for impressing the offspring of whatever cute guy or girl you might meet in the park later today:

First up, Ellen DeGeneres is currently in talks for the not-quite-yet-officially-announced sequel to FINDING NEMO.  Should talks prove fruitful, DeGeneres would once again voice Dory, a blue tang fish plagued with issues of memory loss to hilarious effect.  Andrew Stanton is back to direct after a foray into live-action with JOHN CARTER, and while writing duties have been handed off to one Victoria Strouse ("October Road") the conceit for the sequel is still based on an original idea of Stanton's.  FINDING NEMO has earned a whopping $868 million worldwide to date, with further revenue set to roll in with its rerelease in 3D on September 14th.

You can tentatively hope for FINDING NEMO 2 sometime in the year 2016. 

Minions in movie theater

And speaking of release dates, though in this case thankfully of a more firm sort, the Minions-centric spinoff of DESPICABLE ME will be releasing December 19th, 2014.  Nothing is known about the spinoff at this time except that it will be directed by Pierre Coffin (DESPICABLE ME, DESPICABLE ME 2), co-directed by Kyle Balda (THE LORAX), and written by Brian Lynch (HOP, PUSS IN BOOTS).

Extra Tidbit: Work on FINDING NEMO first began in 1997, and by the time production actually began in January of 2000 one hundred and eighty people were working on the film. Three long years later, and they had crafted an Oscar-winning movie that is to this day still Pixar's most successful.



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