Another Disney ride to become a movie, this time The Matterhorn

Over the years, Disney has had mixed success adapting some of its theme park rides into movies. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN has obviously turned into a blockbuster franchise but then there's THE COUNTRY BEARS, a movie Disney would very soon like to forget. The studio has been trying to get movies based on The Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea made but none are very close to production. While those films continue on in development, Disney is working on another attraction-based movie.

Jason Dean Hall (SPREAD) has signed on to write THE HILL, a film based on the popular Matterhorn ride in Disneyland. (Why make a Matterhorn movie and not call it THE MATTERHORN?) The movie would follow a bunch of kids (of course) who are somehow called into action to the top of snowy mountain where they encounter an angry Yeti.

That premise is very much like the attraction itself, which has cast members climbing up the side and an animatronic Yeti as riders zip through the inside of the mountain.

The question I have with this movie and others like it - what impact will Jon Favreau's MAGIC KINGDOM have on these projects? The IRON MAN director is already prepping KINGDOM, which has been described as A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM in Disneyland, and is planning for that to be his next film. Is it possible rides like The Matterhorn and Haunted Mansion could play a role in MAGIC KINGDOM and then be spun off into their own films? Or was Favreau given a number of attractions to stay away from?

Source: THR



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