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We've recently noticed a few people posting "complaints" or irregular items about the site in the STRIKE BACK sections below our news articles and wanted to clarify how things work on this site. If you have a "complaint" about any advertising on the website or notice any bugs in your browser (pages not showing up properly, things looking misaligned, etc...), please either email Mike Sampson or myself directly via email, or just post your items in our SITE SUGGESTIONS/QUESTIONS forum. That's precisely why we started that forum back in 2001, and we like to deal with all issues asap, so please follow that proper process. To that end, here's a short FAQ to give everyone a better understanding of how this site operates:

Why do you have advertisements on your site?

Simply put, we need advertisements on our site in order to survive as a website. The site is free in every way possible, so the only way that we can generate revenues to cover our growing monthly expenses is by running ads. The site currently receives over 3,000,000 visitors every single month, hence requires tons of bandwidth, not to mention that we also have to pay the 30-40 writers on our site, along with everything else to keep the site running in tip-top shape. If you want to support our site in any way, please try to appreciate the ads for what they are bringing to the site (i.e. our continuing existence), try to "share" our news articles with as many people as possible, and if you purchase items via Amazon.com online, please do so by using our links. See shopping section here.

Why do you have so many ads on your site?

Well, we actually don't have that many ads on our site. From time to time, our site will be "taken over" by a specific ad campaign that lasts a "few days" and then goes away, in which you'll notice that most of the site is "branded" by a particular advertiser. That's a "good thing" for us because that means that advertisers believe our site is worth advertising on, i.e. our target audience is important to them. These ads are generally non-invasive, and unless you click on something specific, should NOT disturb your experience on the site. If they do....please report them accordingly.

Whenever I click something on the site, it takes me to the advertiser's site!

That's a mistake, an error, a BUG that you need to report. We'd never knowingly include "re-direct ads" on our site to purposely fool you into clicking to another site...EVER! If you notice this happening, please email us or post your notice in our SITE SUGGESTIONS/QUESTIONS forum and we will look into the problem asap.

When I report something, what do I need to include?

When you're reporting something, don't just email us and say "Your site sucks, too many ads" or something useless as such, try and be constructive and provide us with as much information as possible including: 1) your browser type 2) what specific ad was causing the problem 3) what sections of the site were affected 4) screenshots of the issue, if need be. Basically, the more information that you can provide, the better! With so many different ways of surfing the web these days and different browsers and different screen resolutions...what you see is not necessarily what others see as well.

JoBlo.com recent summer party... ;)

What's with the toolbar at the bottom of your site?

This is also in relation to generating additional revenues required to keep this site running, but you can easily "remove it" (for a few days) from your view by simply clicking on the "minimize" arrow on the right hand side of the toolbar. It will return every few days, but one click of the button and it's gone, if you prefer.

Why do I see an video pre-roll ad before every video I watch on this site?

This is also a mistake, error or "bug", if you will. Video advertising is still very much in its infancy on the Web (as you may have noticed, YouTube has also started showing ads before their videos as well recently), so we're still working through our "trial and error" period as well. The bottom line is that you should NOT be seeing an ad before every video you watch on the site, in fact, we have now placed a "cap" on all videos on the site, so you should only be shown "video ads" sporadically. That said, if you notice a specific ad going "gonzo", please report it to us asap. Ideally, you could all live with some of these new sorts of ads as a way to "support" our site as well.

Part of your site is being "pushed" to the side, what's the deal?

This was another error, bug, that was affecting two sections of our site over the past few weeks, but only for people with specific browsers (in this case, I believe it was the Chrome browser). While we're always testing all of our ads on all browsers and sections of our site, things may "fall through the cracks" from time to time, which is why it's very important that you help us identify these issues asap, so that we can resolve them. Ideally, in cases like this, we'd appreciate screen-shots of the issue at hand, along with the browser you're using, the URL of the page on which it's happening, etc...

We do NOT have any pop-ups on our site!

Every few months, someone will email me to say that we have pop-ups on our site, when in fact....we do NOT! The only time we'll run pop-ups from time to time is for "traffic exchanges" in which you'll notice the JOBLO logo at the top of the pop-up, along with a bunch of image links below it (this generally doesn't last longer than 24-48 hours). Otherwise, if you notice pop-ups, it might be on your end, so you should probably run a Spy-Ware check on your own system, to make sure that you haven't been infected.

Dang, these chicks were hot, eh?

The bottom line is that despite us requiring advertising to keep our site operational (since 1998), I am personally against all invasive ads, pop-ups or anything that causes our visitors to want to leave the site. I don't think those tactics work for the advertisers either, by the way. That said, from time to time, shit will slip through the cracks so we appreciate you letting us know about them, so that we can fix them asap instead of "assuming" that we are purposely trying to nail our audience with tricks and shit. Help me, help you....help me, help you... ;)

Extra Tidbit: The images within this article have nothing to do with the article itself, but seemed to make sense to me since the article was "dry" and it is summertime! :)
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