Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie Aftermath releases intense trailer

Well, that certainly wasn't what I was expecting when I clicked on a trailer for an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called AFTERMATH. I thought maybe something post-apocalyptic, or maybe even Arnold getting revenge after a terrorist attack similar to COLLATERAL or something. But, like MAGGIE before it, this is Arnold in "actor" mode - and I'd be damned if it doesn't seem like he's actually killing it in this one.

Anyway, here's the trailer to judge the man for yourself:

And here's the synopsis:

Two strangers’ lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash. Inspired by actual events, AFTERMATH tells a story of guilt and revenge after an air traffic controller’s (Scoot McNairy) error causes the death of a construction foreman’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wife and daughter. 

This is reportedly based on a true story (though I'm certain it's like BLOOD ON THE BLACKBOARD from THE SIMPSONS-level accurate, but whatever). Either way, it still looks pretty compelling. Also, none other than Darren Aronofsky is producing this thing, which perks my interest even more!

But what do you Schmoes think? And what is your favorite performance from Ah-nuld? Sound off below!

Meanwhile, AFTERMATH will be released April 7th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Arnold Schwarzenegger has fought terrorists, aliens, robots, Satan, and even himself in his varied career. We can now add some guy who's an air-traffic controller to the list!
Source: YouTube



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