Around the JoBlo.com Watercooler! Adjustment Bureau, Katy Perry and more!

In this new weekly column we take a look at some of the hot conversations currently taking place around the virtual watercooler in the JOBLO.COM FORUMS. Each week we'll present you with some new conversations that you can jump in quickly and participate in. Heck, it may even inspire you to create your own conversation. Here's what people are talking about this week...

"I'm looking for some WTF movies..."

"I'm looking for some WTF movies. By WTF I mean movies like Lost Highway, Crash, etc. You know, really weird movies. Any suggestions?"

"Top 10 Banned Films of the 20th Century"

"Are there any other banned films that you guys can think of that would be better suited to be on this list?"

"Directors whose next film you'll see without a second thought"

"Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Joel & Ethan Coen..."


"In short, this looks interesting, but for now, my anticipation is restrained. Hopefully, this will get good reviews this reassuring me of its quality. But for now, although the trailer looks good, it could still go either way for me."

"WTF?! Katey Perry is Maxim's #1 in their annual Hot 100 list"

"You know I always enjoy looking at Maxim's list every year but this year, WTF?!?! Katey Perry is #1?!?! She's okay looking but seriously? #1?!!!"

"Send a message via Yahoo to KcMsterpce Saving Private Ryan blu-ray recalled "

"On chapter 15 onward, the audio is out of sync. For some players and/or setups it's more obvious than others. Paramount has recalled the discs and replacement discs will be out on May 18th."

"I'm Sick of Robert Pattinson"

"I'm saying this because a lot of film studios are considering him for major roles in upcoming projects. Being in the Twilight movies does not give one credibility as a legitimate actor, and I hate how Pattinson is being treated as one."

"Red Dead Redemption"

"This game is going to be AMAZING! It looks like Game of the year material. I loved the first one, but this looks like it's pretty much a brand new game, and it looks grand. If you don't know, it is pretty much GTA in the old west."

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