Arrested Development movie will be incredible...if it ever comes

I know the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie is like the possibility of a unicorn in your backyard, but I still have hope. Hence why I still write articles when one of the cast members has something to say about it.

During an interview with MTV for PAUL, Jason Bateman had a few things to say about how it was all coming along. Bateman hasn't seen any of Mitch Hurwitz's script but knows about the plot, "Yes. It's... yes. It's incredible. It's everything you would want it to be and more. I really hope he finishes it soon so we can have a shot of doing it before the end of the year."

Bateman and Hurwitz had a meeting last week to discuss the master plan for the film, "For the very first time, he sat me down last week to talk abut what he's got and where he's going and what do I think. As a fan of the show, I was vibrating with excitement that he was pulling me behind the curtain. So I can confirm what his update was, which was that he is very deep into the work on it and the odds of him getting it done before the end of the year, as he says he wants to, are good."

As I said before, most people just sigh when someone says the film is still coming. Bateman says he doesn't bring the subject up anymore, although if someone asks about it he'll be polite. Actually, he said that he and the rest of the cast are sort of embarrassed it's taken so long to get the movie off the ground, "It is embarrassing. We are embarrassed."

Fingers crossed...

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else here still holding out hope? I need some more boy fights in my life.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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