Arrgh, bub! Hugh Jackman in negotiations to play Blackbeard in Joe Wright's Pan

Hugh Jackman might be trading in his adamantium claws for a cutlass and flintlock pistols for his next film. Variety is reporting the actor is in talks to star in Joe Wright's Pan as Blackbeard the pirate. Warner Bros. was interested in Javier Bardem as the villain, but he passed on the role, and the studio then turned their attention to Jackman.

Variety's report also sheds some light on why Blackbeard will be the antagonist in PAN, and not Captain Hook. The film will be an origin tale, and according to the site, Hook will be in PAN, but as Peter Pan's ally. The site also says Hook will turn bad before the end of the film, and at one point Warner Bros. was considering Ryan Gosling for the part. A studio interested in Ryan Gosling for a role in a big film? What a surprise!

So who might end up playing Peter Pan? Variety says Warner Bros. will probably do an open casting for the part, and they are also looking for an actress in her mid-20s for Tiger Lily.

I don't know if we absolutely need an origins tale for Peter Pan, but Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard sounds awesome, and that alone has me excited for this project.

PAN will hit theaters on June 26, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Is it me, or does that image of Blackbeard above look a lot like Benicio Del Toro?
Source: Variety



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