As his daughter preps to have a baby, Natalie Portman's dad writes a pregnancy thriller

Natalie Portman is due to give birth to her first child sometime this spring, right around the same time her father hopes to release his first book...all about having a baby. Avner Hershlag, Portman's father (yes, Hershlag is her given name), is the Director of Donor Egg Program, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), and Laboratory Services and North Shore LIJ Hospital in Long Island, so he knows a thing or two about having babies and he's taken that knowledge and written himself a pregnancy thriller.

"Misconception" (catchy title Avner!) follows a fertility specialist who delivers a grossly deformed baby and must figure out how the child was conceived. As you might imagine, there's a lot more to the story as she uncovers conspiracies and cover-ups and craziness.

Hershlag apparently wrote the book as a lark, never thinking much would come of it. But as he showed it to friends, including presumably his daughter, who encouraged him to shop it to publishers.

There's no word on who's ready to publish the script just yet but I'll bet once a deal is done, there'll be a certain actress ready to option the screen rights. You can also read an excerpt from the story online if you're so inclined...



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