Attack the Block getting remade, sequelized or possibly adapted into a TV show?

When all is said and done, ATTACK THE BLOCK will definitely find a spot on my Top 10 of 2011 list. But as far as continuing the world of ATB? I'm not sure I'm all for it. All that said, director Joe Cornish spoke to IFC at New York Comic-Con and revealed that there are all sorts of possibilities in store for the future of ATTACK THE BLOCK.

Cornish said that he, star John Boyega and producer Edgar Wright all have sequel ideas to further the adventures of Moses and his crew. Says Cornish of Boyega's idea: "He had an image of Moses on a police horse. You know the police in London who have those horses they use in riots...somehow Moses has got onto one of those horses. So he's on a horse leading this army of South London kids across the river to take on this bigger wave of aliens." As for what Wright had in store for a sequel, he wouldn't reveal that just yet.

In addition to a sequel proper, Cornish also revealed that they're fielding offers for an American remake to the film; a possibility that was discussed before ATTACK even hit theaters here in the US. Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, the film never quite caught on for the American public and it's very likely some producer thinks he could do better with Jaden Smith starring in a NYC-set version of the film (I just got douche chills).

The idea of a TV series is even more perplexing as I have no idea where they'd go with this or how they'd continue following the characters from the movie or the alien invasion over multiple episodes.

So what do you think? Do you want a sequel? Would you be interested in a remake or TV series? Have you even seen the original yet?

Source: IFC



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