Avary does Wolfenstein

I'm sure many of you look back as fondly on the video game WOLFENSTEIN 3D as fondly as I do. That was way back when computers were new and novel to me. Who knew I'd actually end up living on one. Anyway, good news to all the WOLFENSTEIN fans, because producer Samuel Hadida just secured the rights to RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN, with Roger Avary slated to write and direct.

The story "revolves around U.S. Army Ranger B.J. Blazkowicz, who leads a team of agents into Castle Wolfenstein in order to investigate the Nazis’ SS Paranormal Division." I've always had a fascination with rumours of Nazi paranormal activity. A case of the creepy getting creepier.

Avary co-wrote PULP FICTION, directed THE RULES OF ATTRACTION and recently adapted the new Zemeckis flick BEOWULF, so the guy's been around. He and Hadida also previously worked on SILENT HILL together. Avary had this to say about the project: “It’s time to bust some dams, storm some bunkers and blow up some bridges.” Amen, brotha.

Extra Tidbit: WOLFENSTEIN is credited with popularizing the first person shooter for the PC. F*ckin' right.
Source: Variety



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