Aykroyd's vodka

A lot of celebrities develop (or lend their name to) various merchandise, whether it be fragrances, clothing lines, food or makeup.

Not many offer an opportunity to guzzle liquor from a glass head replica, so you can thank Dan Aykroyd for that. The eternal Ghostbuster is behind Crystal Head Vodka, a quadruple-distilled alcohol in a rather intriguing container.

Besides the obvious spirit-themed association, the part-time paranormal investigator is no stranger to the booze biz -- he also crushes the grape at his own vineyard. I just came across the vodka myself while on an achaological expedition to my local package store, but apparently he was promoting it recently along with the GHOSTBUSTERS video game.

If you need more proof (ahem) than pouring vodka from a cool-looking skull, Aykroyd provides tons more info about the mystical properties of the thing holding his beverage RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Aykroyd's grandfather was a Bell telephone engineer who designed a radio meant to reach the spirit world. Mmmm, spirits...
Source: Crystal Head



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