Bale's role in T4?

UPDATE: Variety has confirmed the below report that Bale will play John Connor, although no further info about the part was given. The article also (finally) officially confirms McG as director.

Nov. 30, 2007 -- Recent online rumors place fanboy fave Christian Bale in another major franchise, namely the refreshed TERMINATOR series, which is launching a hypothetical new trilogy with the abominably titled TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, from universally acclaimed director McG.

However, there seemed to be some question as to whether Bale would play postapocalyptic hero John Connor, an advanced UK model of Terminator, or a completely new character to the franchise.

CHUD has cast some light on the specifics: Bale is apparently playing Connor, although it is essentially a "supporting role" and that the new flick features a different character on the front lines, with Connor more of a metal-masher of legend. The theory is that this would require less of a time commitment from Bale, but still puts a genre-friendly face on the man we've been hearing so much about since Reese bopped back through time almost a quarter-century ago (or from now -- damn chronal paradoxes!).
Extra Tidbit: Bale is reportedly in some other movie about a costumed hero.
Source: CHUD



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