Bell heads to Rome

Because I had never watched "Veronica Mars" I never gave too much though to Kristen Bell. But ever since she popped up on "Heroes" I've been cast under her spell. I guess it's obvious but man, she's pretty hot, eh? In any event, Bell has signed on to star in the upcoming Disney romantic comedy WHEN IN ROME. In the film, Bell will play an unlucky in love girl who flies to Rome for a friend's wedding. There she picks up coins from a "fountain of love" and finds herself mobbed by potential beaus upon returning home. Sounds like standard rom-com fare no? Interesting is that the film was written and will be directed by Mark Steven Johnson of DAREDEVIL and GHOST RIDER fame. ROME would be his first directing gig outside of the Marvel universe where he was highly scrutinized by fans for his projects. Bell has both FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and FANBOYS set for release this year with Disney looking to get started on ROME in April.

Extra Tidbit: Bell's first movie credit was POOTIE TANG.
Source: Variety



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