Ben Affleck's Live By Night pushed to 2016 due to Batman vs Superman

Ben Affleck's directorial follow-up to ARGO has hit a delay. LIVE BY NIGHT, previously announced to hit theaters on December 25, 2015 will now be pushed almost a year to October 7, 2016. The reasoning behind the push is two-fold, but the primary culprit is BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.

Affleck's involvement with both BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE was conditional along with Warner Bros greenlighting LIVE BY NIGHT for production. He had already pushed production on the period drama to accomodate the superhero movies but now the delay in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN has required LIVE BY NIGHT to shift again. The Leonardo DiCaprio produced movie adapted from Dennis Lehane's novel is most assuredly going to be an awards contender as Affleck's previous films have been, but the scope and involvement with BATMAN VS SUPERMAN is taking precedence.

The Wrap also cites Affleck's commitment to media and press for David Fincher's GONE GIRL at the end of this year will also prevent pre-production work from commencing on LIVE BY NIGHT. By pushing the project to 2016, Affleck can guarantee he makes the film he wanted to. But, this does raise the question as to what his involvement will be in JUSTICE LEAGUE which some expect to shoot after BATMAN VS SUPERMAN wraps.

All I know is that Affleck has proven himself to me as a director and I am secure that he will make a good Batman. As long as neither of these projects is being rushed, I am okay with waiting a little bit longer.

Source: The Wrap



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