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Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to the first annual "Best/Worst Awards of 2007" here are MovieHotties.com. It's been a pretty wicked year as you all know already in terms of celebrity gossip, scandals, photo shoots, movies and all that other good stuff.

Due to the fact that 2007 was such a big year, we've decided to create categories and select a winner for each one followed by the runner-up whether it be in the "Best" or "Worst" category. So check out all the big winners this year and we'd love to hear your comments at the bottom about our choices. Enjoy!

Best Hottie Performance of the Year

Ellen Page in "Juno"

2007 has been the year of Ellen Page as she has swept audiences and critics alike with her terrific talent and stunning beauty. I have absolutely fallen in love with this woman if you don't know already and I fully intend to ask her to marry me one day. Congrats on your big year Ellen!

Runner-Up: Angelina Jolie in "A Mighty Heart"

Best Nipple Slip of the Year

Megan Fox

This was definitely a surprise and we all didn't see it coming for sure, even with our crystal ball of hottie predictions. However, it was most welcome since she is the "Breakthrough Hottie of the Year" and she has wonderful cans. Whatever her parents did, they did it right.

Runner-Up: Uma Thurman

Hottest Premiere Photos of the Year

Kate Beckinsale - "Live Free or Die Hard" Premiere

There have been quite a few great premieres this year that have been loaded with the sexiest hotties around but none can really match the uber-hotness of Kate Beckinsale's appearance for the "Live Free or Die Hard" premiere as she was escorted with her lucky bastard husband, Len Wiseman. The dress, hair, lips, eyes and buttocks were absolutely perfect. Bravo!

Runner-Up: Rose McGowan - "Grindhouse" Premiere

Worst Hottie Performance of the Year

Jessica Alba - "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"

Does this require an explanation? Some of you may think that Jessica did a decent job in this but I thought her acting was god awful. Especially in the scene above when she tries to act surprised and frightened that the Silver Surfer was coming. It was such a terrible reaction that the scene practically died for me. Overall, that was a pretty bad one Jess but you're still friggin' hot so I forgive you.

Runner-Up: Linday Lohan - "I Know Who Killed Me"

Best Butt Candid of the Year

Kate Beckinsale - March 2007

Again, Kate Beckinsale takes another win this year with probably the greatest butt-crack candid of all-time let alone just 2007. Unbelievable!

Runner-Up: Jennifer Garner's Thong

Best Sex Tape Rumor of the Year

Elisha Cuthbert's Sex Tape Rumour - September 2007

You guys will probably remember when this happened back on September 11th (of all days) when it was rumoured that a sex tape for the super-sexy Elisha Cuthbert was about to be distributed around the net. I almost pissed myself in excitement and was hoping that it was true (I'm a sad man) but then exactly one week later, it was proven false. I was so disappointed along with the entire male population. We love you Elisha!

Runner-Up: Eva Longoria

Sexiest Nerd of the Year

Tina Fey

This is a woman who requires no introduction to us fans of the nerd hotties that roam this Earth. She is the queen of the nerds and I find that to be the sexiest thing ever. Not only is she the sexiest and most talented writer/actress on television today but her love for geeky stuff including "Star Wars" is a fantasy come true for me. You rock Tina!

Runner-Up: Rosario Dawson

Hottest New MILF of the Year

Salma Hayek

Salma was destined to become the hottest mother of all-time (in the celebrity world anyway) and the prophecy was definitely true as she maintained her legendary sex appeal through her entire pregnancy (the melons were wonderful). We can't wait to see her up and going again in 2008. Congratulations Salma!

Runner-Up: Naomi Watts

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