Best movies since '83?

A lot of times, the problems I have with the "Best Of" lists is that they include a lot of old movies I haven't gotten around to seeing? LAWRENCE OF ARABIA? What's that shit? I gotta watch AVP:R again, yo! So I was pleased to see Entertainment Weekly put together an article on the Top 100 films of the past 25 years - my prime time era. There are definitely some things to debate but I don't think you could argue with the top choice (though I suspect you could but I don't want to spoil anything). Let's just say that I personally don't disagree with it. It may not be the best film of the past 25 years, but it's one of the best and also one of the most influential. Anyway, it might take you while to click through all 100 choices but I think it's worth it. Besides it's Friday and THE LOVE GURU is one of the only new choices at theaters. So stay inside and debate movies with your pals! Click here to head to EW.com to check it all out. And if my graphic is confusing you, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT is not the #1 movie. But it is on the list...

Extra Tidbit: And, yes, I was kidding about LAWRENCE OF ARABIA and AVP:R.



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