Bill Hader briefly talks about more abuse in the Les Grossman movie

Bill Hader spent most of TROPIC THUNDER getting belittled and browbeaten by portly and profane producer Les Grossman, but he's more than happy to come back for more.

As we heard a couple weeks back, Tom Cruise's blustery Hollywood mogul is getting his own movie, although Hader admits he doesn't know much more beyond cheerfully receiving more shouts and spittle. The SNL star says: "I love getting yelled at by him! Having to take that much abuse is pretty funny. It’s on a Mr. Smithers-Mr. Burns level!"

"I know Mike Bacall, the guy who’s writing it," Hader says, "and they have all of those ideas. He’s an insanely talented guy — he wrote SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD with Edgar Wright and a great drama called MANIC [with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt], which Michael also starred in. We could be seeing some addiction and some weird stuff — but the dancing scenes are pretty mandatory!"

Hader will next appear in the Wright-less Pegg/Frost collaboration PAUL, a road trip comedy about two comic nerds who meet an extraterrestrial.

Extra Tidbit: Of all his SNL work, nothing beats Hader's THERE WILL BE BLOOD impersonation.
Source: In Touch



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