Black Hole remake

A childhood memory I can clearly recall is sneaking out of the inert STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE to see Disney's THE BLACK HOLE. As a kid obsessed with STAR WARS, it was infinitely more enjoyable than Kirk's tedium, simply because it had laser gunfights and meteors and a red robot with whirling blades.

Somone at Disney also remembers THE BLACK HOLE, but only for being a property in their catalog that hasn't been remade yet. Problem solved!

A "reinvention" of the 1979 sci-fi flick is in the works, coming from Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey (director and producer of TRON: LEGACY) and writer Travis Beacham (CLASH OF THE TITANS). Their update will feature more science about black holes, and less Ernest Borgnine.

The original followed the members of deep space exploration vessel Palomino, who encounter a black hole and a huge spacecraft suspended above it -- the long-lost Cygnus. On board the vessel, they discover the mad doctor Hans Reinhardt and an army of robots, and learn the mystery behind the Cygnus and its crew.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder if the remake's ending will be as loopy?
Source: Heat Vision



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