Black Panther composer Ludwig Goransson to score Ruben Fleischer's Venom

When BLACK PANTHER prowled into theaters this past February, many music aficionados were found to be sharpening their claws on the film's soundtrack that had been curated by Compton-raised rapper Kendrick Lamar. However, accompanying Lamar's eclectic arrangement of songs was a boundless, sweeping score provided by composer Ludwig Göransson. While Lamar's album kept fan's heads of the black cat bobbin', it was Göransson's orchestral landscape that served to elevate many of the film's pivotal moments.

Today, Sony Pictures has announced that they've landed Göransson as the composer for Ruben Fleischer's upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film, VENOM. In the past, Göransson has provided music for films such as CREED, FRUITVALE STATION, GET OUT, STRETCH, and much more. In addition to his Hollywood dabblings, Göransson has also contributed to several television series projects like NEW GIRL, COMMUNITY, SATISFACTION, PLAYING HOUSE, and others.

Do you think Göransson is the right fit for Marvel's VENOM starring Tom Hardy? Does this news make up for that questionable teaser trailer that was released not long ago? Which score by Göransson is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

VENOM is scheduled to web-swing into theaters beginning on October 5th



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