Black Panther now outpacing all superhero movies in advance ticket sales

"It's good to be the king."

- King Louis XVI as played by Mel Brooks

According to Fandango's latest pre-sale data for BLACK PANTHER, Marvel and director Ryan Coogler's highly-anticipated action adventure is outpacing all superhero movies in advance ticket sales. As a way of celebrating the film's pre-release success, Fandango is offering limited edition "Black Panther" gift cards as well as "Black Panther" gear.

Fans of T'Challa and his Dora Milaje helped to push the upcoming film to the top of the list, usurping 2016's BATMAN V SUPERMAN pre-sale totals, after those who went to the movie's Monday night premiere flooded social media outlets with glowing reviews of the Wakandian adventure. The film doens't even open for another two weeks (February 16th), and it's already the number one daily ticket seller for the movie ticket retailer.

According to a Fandango survey of more than 1,000 BLACK PANTHER moveigoers:

●      97% are looking forward to a different kind of superhero movie.

●      95% look forward to the film’s positive messages.

●      93% said they couldn’t wait to see Chadwick Boseman in his own “Black Panther” movie after seeing him in “Captain America: Civil War.”

●      86% are excited to see the film’s all-female guards/warriors, the Dora Milaje.

●      85% are intrigued by the film’s exotic setting in the mythical African kingdom of Wakanda.

●       84% are particularly excited to see Michael B. Jordan’s performance in this movie.

“The buzz on ‘Black Panther’ is electric,” says Fandango Managing Editor Erik Davis. “Early screening audiences say it is one of Marvel’s best movies ever, and the positive word-of-mouth is helping drive the movie’s spectacular advance ticket sales.”

Right the eff on, BLACK PANTHER! I just secured my tickets to a Friday night showing yesterday, and simply cannot wait to experience this movie for myself. Long live the king, and here's to wishing all the best for Ryan Coogler and his team.

BLACK PANTHER starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Guira, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker will prowl into theaters beginning on February 16th. Go get your tickets now before you get shut-out of the film's opening weekend! 

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