Bloodrayne 3, really?

They aren't making a third game, so why would they make BLOODRAYNE 3?

The simplest answer is, Uwe Boll. Maybe it's the fact that the original Rayne, Kristanna Loken is coming back. My question arises again, why? There's no third game so there's not a plot, of course you can come up with one, but Boll isn't just anyone.

I loved the games, even the second one. So I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to go and see the film. Needless to say, this was my first experience with a Uwe Boll film. After the first fifteen minutes I knew it was pretty awful, but was not expecting that hardcore sex scene. The whole time I was thinking, 'Is this a porno?'. As soon as the scene ended, it didn't escape my mind. The entire rest of the movie was spent dumbfounded over just that one part.

No one should really be surprised that this movie is happening. The sad mistake will be titled BLOODRAYNE 3: WARHAMMER. I know it seems like everyone takes a shot at Boll's directing, but this is obviously not a good idea. Then again, I think this is really his thing. In his own mind the films that he creates are masterpieces. The same applied for Ed Wood's career. The difference is Wood's films make you laugh with him.

Extra Tidbit: Bloodrayne was in Playboy(very NSFW)? I had no idea. Her boobs are ginormous! I know she's animated, but dang!
Source: Dread Central



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