Bond not for Michell

As the search for the BOND 22 director continues, we get a little hint as to why. The producers’ first choice, Roger Michell (NOTTING HILL) dropped out from the picture, for what appears to be all the right reasons, turning down a hefty paycheck (Michell denies the reported $8 million). In a recent interview with The Times Online, he says: "It was because in the end I didn't feel comfortable with the Bond process, and I was very nervous that there was a start date but really no script at all. And I like to be very well prepared as a director."

Michell is the director of several modern British classics including the recent VENUS and the Daniel Craig-starring ENDURING LOVE, and apparently he’s good friends with the BOND star. He goes on to say: "I'd be doing it for my friendship with Daniel Craig. I'd be doing it for the money. And not really because I yearned to do it." You can’t help but respect a man who sticks to his laurels like that, and who's clearly in it for the artistic process and the final result instead of for the cash rewards and prospective glory. Better let him stick to projects he’s passionate about, and give BOND to someone who can and more importantly wants to handle it. Bravo, Mr. Michell. You’ve earned my applause, however insignificant it may be.

Extra Tidbit: Instead of Bond, Michell will be directing a stage revival of Harold Pinter's BETRAYAL in London.



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